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Commercial Moving

Top Team’s Commercial Movers Deliver Excellence to Your Business

As your business evolves, office relocation may be necessary. This can be both exciting and daunting for business owners. Whether moving within the same office building or across Brevard County, rely on the expert services from your Top Team office mover – the top choice for commercial moving services in central Florida.
Practically everyone is familiar with the residential moving process. Most of us have taken part in a residential move at least once or twice in our lives. A commercial move is unique. If you need to move your office, you’ll need to hire a moving company with the experience, knowledge and equipment necessary for the unique demands of commercial moving. Hiring the reputable and seasoned commercial movers at Top Team is your first step in the process of expanding the horizons of your business.

Why Partner with Top Team Commercial Movers - The Top Team Difference

Perhaps you were referred to us by one of our extraordinarily satisfied clients; or maybe you’ve searched online for commercial movers near me and you’ve landed here. Either way – welcome!

We are a full-service professional mover.

A commercial move requires careful, advanced planning. Put your liability concerns to rest as we are fully licensed and insured.
top team commercial movers loading a rack of weights
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Our commercial moving service is backed by a history of successful, seamless moves and has earned our 5-star reputation. Our customer service is second to none, and entire process will be transparent.

Contact us to receive a comprehensive breakdown of costs with no surprises.

We are confident that we provide the most valuable commercial relocation services in the industry. You expect and pay for excellence in service, and we will deliver nothing less. Choosing Top Team as your commercial moving company will result in the safe and efficient office move you are counting on.

What You Can Expect from the Commercial Moving Process with Top Team

  • Let’s start with an on-site visit and analysis. Professional movers from Top Team will meet with you at your business to determine your specific needs. From the furniture to the electronics, from the shelves to the clothing racks, whatever your business, a professional mover will inventory your belongings with detail and precision. This will help us to prepare accurately and determine the materials, equipment, and number of movers needed for moving day.
  • We’ll create a plan and a timeline. Close collaboration with your mover throughout the process is key. We will work closely with you, paying attention to detail and conforming our approach to the specific needs of your business. Your Top Team commercial moving company will generate a personally tailored schedule for packing and office moving that will minimize downtime. We understand that time is money. Any downtime can result in lost revenue for your business and employees. Rest assured that, without sacrificing safety, quality, or the high caliber of our service, the quickest turnaround possible is our goal as well as yours. Our Top Team crew will move with the purpose of getting you back to business.
  • When it’s time for packing and labeling, let our professional movers lend their expert skills.
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Types of Commercial Moves

Office Move

Office moving often involves handling confidential files and documents. Businesses such as law firms, insurance companies, accounting offices, and design or engineering firms are specific examples. Our professional commercial movers will work closely with the office manager to create a business relocation plan that will meet the operational needs of the organization.

Warehouse or Industrial Business Move

A warehouse move likely requires handling and transportation of large materials and containers such as crates, pallets, and heavy equipment. Top Team haulers are trained and equipped with the necessary machinery and tools to disassemble, pack, and move these specialty items.

Retail Business Move

For retail business owners, downtime can be more impactful than with an industrial or office move. A retail move requires careful advanced planning to result in minimal downtime. Top Team will strategize all facets with you to pack and move your merchandise into your new location with limited negative influence on your sales.

Need Our Commercial Moving Services, But Not Our Packing?

Depending on the size of your company, as well as the amount and type of contents, it may make more sense for you to pack your small business yourself rather than utilize our packing service. If that’s the case, just call on us to bring the muscle for moving day and reference this office moving checklist for assistance.
commercial movers
  • Plan your office relocation. Determine the where and when. Is your business expanding or downsizing? How much space will you need based on the number of current or prospective staff members? Does it make sense to wait until close to the end of your current lease? Be aware of any penalties for breaking a lease.
  • Conduct an inventory. Make a list of your office furniture, office equipment and machinery, small electronics, etc. This will help you or your moving service estimate the number and type of packing materials, movers, and moving trucks needed.
  • Create a moving budget. A Top Team office mover is here to help with this. Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll generate a no-obligation, free estimate.
  • As moving day approaches, and when it makes sense, begin to gather moving boxes and packing materials. Top Team office moving services can provide you with high quality moving materials including sturdy cardboard boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Measure larger items and check the dimensions of your new space to ensure that your furniture will fit. Consider selling or donating items that will not work or that you don’t want in your new space. A short-term storage service is also available from Top Team as part of your corporate relocation.
  • Schedule the start or end of utilities in your current and new space. Notify the post office and all relevant financial institutions or business insurance providers.
  • Start packing non-essentials.
  • Backup your files. Make sure all important files are saved to an external drive or the cloud.
  • Start packing all the essentials as moving day approaches.
  • Communicate with your new landlord about any procedures required for moving day. This might be securing parking for the moving truck or reserving the elevator or loading dock.
  • Walk through the new space to ensure it is move-in-ready.
  • Return all access badges, keys, etc. to the current landlord.

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