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Long Distance Moving Services Within Florida

While local moves are considered to be moves within a 50-mile radius, a long distance move can span several hundred miles.
The unique geography of Florida means that cross-state moves can take more than 12 hours or span more than 800 miles. From Melbourne to Tallahassee, from Jacksonville to Pensacola, or from Panama City to Miami, what moving company can you trust to handle your long distance in-state move?

Hey, Google…Search Long Distance Moving Near Me

Search no further. In addition to being premier local movers along the Space Coast (including senior moving services, commercial moving, and junk removal services), Top Team moving company is licensed and insured to move household belongings anywhere in the state of Florida.

With Top Team movers as your partner, you will be surrounded by professionals who take pride in customer service.

From the office staff to your strong and meticulous movers, rest assured that each Top Team moving company member is focused, hardworking, and careful. We have earned our strong reputation among long distance relocation companies because we never sacrifice quality before, during, or after moves, and we provide what we believe to be the most valuable service in the industry. Our movers’ strong communication skills and conscientious care set us apart from the norm.
profile of top team truck
top team employee entering moving truck

We understand what our customers want, and we strive to circumvent problems and accidents during moves by avoiding shortcuts.

The best long distance movingcompanies care more about the clients’ possessions than they do. An effective long distance moving service will get you from point A to point B with no damage or loss. In the rare event that damage occurs, have no doubt that the Top Team moving company will make it right.

What to Expect from Your Top Team Long Distance MovingService

  • From the initial conversation to the completion of the move, your Top Team professional long distance mover will provide a thorough explanation of the moving process. The moving cost will be estimated based on the number of team members needed, the moving time required, and by the number of trucks and distance. Other factors in cost may include: elevators or long carries, weight, volume/cubic feet, or any specialty item.
  • In the days preceding the long distance move, a Top Team moving company member will call to check in regarding preparation, packing, and logistics.
  • Sometimes this involves overnight stays during the move or storing items in facilities, depending on the distance of the move and whether the new home or building is move-in ready.
  • On moving day, we will call to let you know we are en route.
  • Upon arrival, we will perform a complete and detailed walkthrough with the customer.
  • With the utmost attention and care, we will prep and wrap furniture and load it, along with moving boxes onto the truck.
  • Next is a final walkthrough before leaving to ensure all belongings are accounted for.
  • Top Team moving service will drive to the new home.
  • Upon arrival at the destination, an initial walkthrough will take place with the customer. Your professional long distance mover will confirm the desired location of large furniture items.
  • Top Team members will unload belongings.
  • Finally, there will be one last walkthrough to inspect belongings and ensure customer satisfaction, and payment will be accepted.
long distance move preparation

Long Distance Moving Tips - How to Prepare for Successful Moves

Start with a budget for your moving cost and consider the additional variables.
Sometimes this involves overnight stays during the move or storing items in facilities, depending on the distance of the move and whether the new home or building is move-in ready.
Your Top Team moving service is here and ready to help you realize all that you need to consider regarding your specific moving situation. As industry leaders, we are familiar with all the factors to consider. Let us partner with you for your long distance relocation.

The Long Distance Moving Checklist

Depending on the size of your company, as well as the amount and type of contents, it may make more sense for you to pack your small business yourself rather than utilize our packing service. If that’s the case, just call on us to bring the muscle for moving day and reference this office moving checklist for assistance.
preparing a table for a long distance move
  • What stays and what goes? When moving long distance, it is advisable to go through every room in the house and decide what to pack and what to purge. A yard sale preceding the long distance move is often beneficial.
  • Make a moving binder or folder in which to keep all documentation. This might be the agreement with the moving company, related receipts, and an inventory of items you are moving.
  • Go to your local United States Post Office to initiate a change of address form. This can also be completed online. Notify all financial institutions, credit card companies, insurance companies, and utilities of your move. Don’t forget to have your medical provider and/or your child’s school transfer records.
  • If you are packing yourself, order or obtain your moving supplies. Top Team movers are a great resource for all the supplies you will need for your move. As your long distance mover, we can provide bubble wrap, moving paper, labels, tape, and high quality moving boxes (including specialty boxes for wardrobes, heavy duty items, pictures or mirrors, and dishes). If you don't have time for packing, or would rather someone else do it for you, Top Team offers a packing service. Remember that packing heavy items like books in small boxes will make lifting and transporting more manageable.
  • Consider dimensions of your new space. Have you determined that your current furniture will fit through the doorways in your new home? Have you considered the layout or floor plan with respect to the size and orientation of your current decor (ex. area rugs, cabinets, and sofas)? Additional considerations may include whether the truck will fit in the neighborhood or driveway. Inform your mover if the roads are tight, there are major hills, or if there are low-hanging branches on trees. In these situations, or perhaps in a busy city, a “shuttle” may be necessary. This means unloading from the larger truck onto a smaller one to bring the items to the home.
  • As moving day approaches begin to use up all the things you don’t intend to transport (ex. perishable or frozen foods, propane or gas, cleaning products, etc.)
  • Consider transporting some belongings yourself. This may include jewelry or small electronics like computers and tablets. If you do not plan on moving these more expensive items yourself (ex. items that are valued at $100 or more per pound), then consider obtaining additional moving insurance for these valuables. Don’t forget to empty your safe-deposit box and refill all necessary prescriptions before leaving.
  • If you are not utilizing Top Team's packing service, start packing the items you need infrequently. This may include packing out-of-season clothing, fine china, holiday decorations, books, pictures, or kitchen equipment that you rarely use.
  • After packing, be sure to label each box with its designated room and floor (ex. 2nd floor bathroom, 1st floor primary bedroom). As you are packing, list the contents within the box for easy prioritization when unpacking.
  • Create an “open first” box with all of your essentials. This will be the first box you open when you arrive in your new location. You may also consider creating and labeling a “parts” box in case you had to disassemble furniture or other items.

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