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Top Team Movers - Your Top Choice Among Local Moving Companies

Your Local Residential Moving Service. When searching for local moving companies near me, look no further than Top Team Moving.
Colton Jones is the proud founder and owner, and the top notch crew at Top Team are your local Space Coast moving industry experts. Our Top Team local moving company is based in Melbourne, Florida. The Space Coast communities are our communities. We live, work, and raise our families here alongside our customers. Top Team specializes in local moves along the Space Coast from Titusville to Palm Bay, from Cape Canaveral to the Melbourne beaches and all areas in between. Hire the best moving company in the Space Coast region to exceed your local move expectations. Top Team is also a long distance mover within the state of Florida. Additionally, we provide commercial moving, packing service and storage solutions, and junk removal. While we provide intrastate moving services, you may find the following link useful if you are in need of interstate moving (moving from Florida to another).

We are proud members of the Space Coast Realtors Association and Melbourne Chamber of Commerce.

Every day, we at Top Team are on a mission to improve the company, including our local moving services. We pride ourselves on having the best team, and we are committed to investing back into those team members and, consequently, our beloved community.

The moving process can be stressful, and we want you to know that safely and effectively packing and handling your cherished belongings is our number one priority. We understand that you are trusting us with your priceless possessions, and we aim to earn and keep that trust. We operate on the Golden Rule and treat you and your personal belongings the way we would want ours to be treated, if not better.
top team employee moving furniture
top team employee moving a dresser

Whether you need to move a lot or just a little, our local moving company has the resources and capable team members ready to provide exceptional local moving services

Your complimentary moving quotes are just a phone call away. The moving cost will be estimated based on the number of team members needed, the moving time required, and will factor in truck rental and distance. Trust our friendly and committed Top Team professionals for a smooth and seamless move. From studio apartments to luxury homes, no job is too small or too demanding. Each mover and driver has the training and knowledge to properly handle and transfer your belongings, including packing those specialty pieces such as pianos, aquariums, and antiques

We are frequently recommended by local real estate agents for residential and commercial moving and have earned a reputation within the Brevard County area as movers who care.

  • Our aim is to over-deliver and be the best moving company in the industry. We don’t want to simply meet your expectations; we want to exceed them from start to finish. We take pride in all of our 5-star reviews and count on your feedback to constantly better our service to you.
  • One reviewer writes“I have used Top Team Hauling for three jobs, and they are awesome. Fast, efficient, friendly…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and will use them in the future if needed.” “I have used Top Team Hauling for three jobs, and they are awesome. Fast, efficient, friendly…I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and will use them in the future if needed.”
  • Another states“Colton and his team are simply the best mover in the county! Their professionalism and seamless service have left countless clients satisfied. The Brevard Team and its agents highly recommend Top Team for any moves. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that your local move will be handled with utmost care and efficiency. Choose Colton and his team for a stress-free and exceptional moving experience!”
  • We will work hard to garner similar praise from each and every customer. When you’re hiring a local moving company, you deserve the best in the moving industry, and that is what you’ll get with your Top Team professional moving experience.
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Specialty Residential Moving - Senior Moves and Apartment Moves

Senior Moving Help with Extra Care

Hiring a reputable local mover that understands the specific needs and concerns of seniors will ease the burden of relocating. In addition to the physical challenges associated with senior moves, there are often emotional challenges that can be equally as difficult. If leaving the family home, there can be a sense of loss and sadness. Not only will we treat your belongings with care, we will extend that kindness to all involved. Even local moves can create headaches, but for many seniors and their families, moving can feel like an insurmountable task.

Often, senior moves occur within the same property, as in the case of moving from independent to assisted living. These types of moves are called transfer moves, and each Top Team professional mover can skillfully assist with this by collaborating with the retirement/nursing facility coordinators. We will offer our expertise in sorting, organizing, and packing a lifetime’s worth of cherished belongings. The cost of a senior move will depend on the distance between locations, the amount of contents to be moved, and the services that are required. Senior moves can often be accomplished in one day including packing, transporting, and unloading. In addition to the typical considerations when relocating, seniors may need to tackle the following:

If downsizing, ask family members whether they’d like to take some of the larger items off your hands or help you to donate unwanted items. If you are not ready to part with some of these items, and they won’t fit in your new location, consider storage options. Top Team also offers a storage service. Please ask us about our storage solutions as well as our packing service. We can supply moving boxes and any other needed packing material. We also provide estate cleanouts and junk removal services for those items that will not be passed along to family members.

Notify all medical providers of your upcoming move and provide them with a timeline, your new address, and phone number if applicable. If you’ll need to switch medical providers, make sure to secure new doctors and ensure that they are covered by your insurance provider.

Contact your insurance provider to assure seamless coverage.

Notify Social Security and/or your retirement income provider/pension plan.

Gather all financial and legal documents such as powers of attorney, wills, and insurance policies.

Refill all prescriptions to guarantee you have enough medication during the days before and after your move.

Consider any modifications that may be needed for your new home. This may include adding nightlights, shower stools, handrails, and other accessibility features.

Residential Moving Service - Considerations with Apartment Moves

Whether you are renting an apartment while searching for your new home, or an apartment is where you plan to settle long-term, Top Team is the best local moving service to satisfy your residential moving needs. Local moves involving apartments are typically smaller jobs that local moving companies handle. Despite the size of the job, however, there are some complexities involved with apartment moves, and you’ll want to make sure that your local mover understands these. Rest assured that every professional mover at Top Team is up to the task. The apartment moving process can involve lots of stairs and/or elevators, so we really need to bring the muscle. There may be tight corners and narrow door openings to navigate. Here are some factors to think about when moving into or out of an apartment:
unloading the top team moving truck
  • If you are downsizing, determine ahead of time what furniture will fit in your new apartment. You may need to consider storage solutions if you have excess furniture or belongings. Top Team also offers storage service. Please ask us about storage options. We can supply moving boxes and any other needed packing material.
  • Apartments come with lots of rules and regulations. Familiarize yourself with these before your local move. For example, are you allowed to paint the walls or add wall coverings? Can you change light fixtures? Be certain to check pet restrictions as well if you have furry family members.
  • If you have outdoor furniture that you plan on packing and including in the move, check the dimensions of the patio or balcony area to be sure that it will fit and that you will have room to maneuver.
  • Contact utility companies to have services initiated. Ideally, these services should be turned on before moving day to ensure that you have running water and electricity during the move.
  • Ask your apartment manager if there are any special move-in requirements (ex. reserving the service elevator, where to park, where and when to pick up keys). If the apartment complex is on a city street, the manager may need to contact the city in advance to arrange for parking the moving truck.
  • If the apartment complex is gated, you may need to provide the driver of the moving truck with a code to access the community.

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